A ideal course for those dogs who are reactive towards other dogs. Starting Sat 15th Feb 2020.

A small group of dogs who all have similar issues – they are all reactive towards other dogs.  A chance to learn about changing your dog’s emotional responses and work on their responsiveness in the company of other dogs in a safe, controlled environment.  Learn to have fun with your dog even when other dogs are around! Full email/phone support given through the course and afterwards.

4 sessions held at Alsager Equestrian Centre, Chells Hill, Alsager, ST7 3RJ.

Starting Sat 15th February 1-2pm with the other sessions 22nd Feb, 7th March and 14th March.

Cost £80 for the course, payable on booking.  Places very limited so book soon!  See the PayPal button below.


  1. Hi, I’m just enquiring to see if there are any spaces available on the Feisty Fidos course tomorrow night?
    Many Thanks

  2. You don’t show any dates after June , are you running this course again?
    I think this is what my young collie dog needs as he can somethimes be a bit feisty around other dogs .He is currently 15 months .Rossi
    We are away on holiday until 6th August ( with our dogs ) but would love to hear form you , I have e-mailed earlier this week and left my work e-mail ,but will leave my home one below

  3. Please can I register my 8 year old Pomeranian cross on your feisty dog course. He spins if he sees another dog whilst in a walk. As we approach the other dog, he gradually becomes more aggressive, barking at and pulling towards it. We walk with another dog, a Labrador with whom he’s happy to socialise! Please let me know as soon as we can join

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