The Deeper Issues Package

Fearful 4This package addresses the more serious problems of aggression to humans, separation anxiety, fearfulness and stress.  Left untreated or handled inappropriately, these issues can escalate and become very damaging.  

  What needs to change is your dog's emotional response and this MUST be handled in a positive, non-aversive way.  
  During the initial 2 hour consultation, we will assess your dog and the way you and he live, work and play together to gain a thorough and detailed understanding of the issues you face. From the information gathered, we are able to diagnose and prescribe a specific and unique programme of behaviour modification that will help to get you and your dog back on track. 
  Anxious 5
  It is vital that you carry out this programme consistently. Occasional practice will not help your dog to change his/her behaviour and, in order to continue to help cement the prescribed changes, we include ongoing email and telephone support too. 

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