“I currently own 3 beautiful dogs – Mitzi, Willow and Buddy.  Mitzi is my Border Collie who introduced me to the world of Flyball, Agility, Disc Dog and Trick Training 7 years ago!  Since then, I have started to teach Willow, my 7 months old German Shorthaired Pointer X Border Collie, lots of tricks and I am the Dogskool Trick Training expert!  I currently run the online tricks classes and hope to run in person classes soon!  I also instruct in Dogskool puppy classes and beginners Flyball classes.

Buddy is my rescue dog who loves nothing more than cuddles by the fire.  He has some tricks up his sleeve but would rather you give him the reward without working for it! 

I started doing basic tricks with Mitzi when she was 1 and then realised how clever Collies can be and started to progress through the list of tricks I found online.  My favourite trick is skipping with a jump rope.  I do like to show off this trick whenever I get chance! I have competed in Flyball for over 5 years now and even made it to the Crufts Final in 2019!  It was the best day of my life!  It was a huge achievement for Mitzi and I to be on TV doing what we love most!  This summer, we will see Willow start her Flyball foundation training and I am very hopeful that one day she will be on TV like her big sister!

When I’m not doing Agility, Flyball or Trick Training, I am a Dog Photographer and run DCPhotography.  What better way to put all of my passions into one place and take photographs of beautiful dogs and their owners?”  Take a look at my work!