Michelle Caisley


“My brilliant dog is called Freddie. He’s a Plummer Terrier and we do a bit of everything including scentwork, agility, tricks and, our favourite, training with games. I’ve also got the family dogs Lily and Millie who are now 12 and 13. They still love training and learning new things and they both went to Dogskool’s beginners’ class and Dog Club when they were younger! Having Freddie has opened up the world of dog activities to me even more than before and I’m passionate about doing something with your dog whatever that might be. I believe that training is never done and giving your dog a job is great for them mentally and physically and the bond you have with them in turn gets stronger.

I’ve got many years experience both assisting in classes and teaching my own classes. I’m a qualified trainer with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, Pro Dog Trainer, have a degree in animal behaviour and welfare and have an Open College Network Level III “Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour”. I love seeing dogs and their owners gain confidence, grow their relationship and have fun training together. I’m a dog walker as well as a trainer so I’m never happier than when I’ve got dogs around me. When I’m not working with dogs, I’m off on adventures with my own dogs, volunteering at a local wildlife rescue centre or I can be found at my allotment!”