Michelle Turnock


“I currently own 2 dogs, a Cockerpoo called Tillie and a “Sprockerdor” called Stanley. We all compete at Flyball with Pupuparazzi Flyball Team and we also do regular scent work classes. Stanley introduced me to the world of Gundog training which is great to channell his natural instincts and Tillie and I have done a number of tricks classes in the past which are great for bond building. I have 4 years experience of dog traininig, from assisting to teaching my own classes in obedience, flyball and agility. My main aim is for owners and dogs to enjoy their training and have a really strong bond so I incorporate lots of tricks and fun games into my courses. My spare time is generally spent with friends and family and I love discovering new walks with the dogs too when we’re not away at Flyball competitions!”