Expert Witness

I am proud to hold the Expert Witness Certificate through Cardiff University. I have undertaken specific training, through Bond Solon, in all aspects of Expert Witness work, including excellence in report writing, cross examination skills and criminal procedure rules. This allows me to appear on the National Register of University Certificated Expert Witnesses.

Following instruction from clients, legal practices, welfare organisations, police or courts, I offer an objective assessment of a dog’s temperament whose owners are facing prosecution under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and 1997 Section 3(1) and 4 or who are appealing against sentence.

As a full time, qualified behaviourist, with over 18 years experience in dog behaviour, I am able to offer full objective Dog Behavioural Assessments, either in police kennels or at the owner’s home, in addition to Owner Assessments and Home Checks. I will review evidence, including medical reports, witness statements and photographs or video.

A detailed report will then be produced as a court ready document.  Court appearances as required.

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