The Good Manners Package

Everyone wants a dog with “good manners”! 

Perhaps your dog jumps up?  Pulls on the lead?  Won’t come back?  Dives all over your visitors? These problems can be resolved.  The focus is not on “stopping” the undesired behaviours, but “teaching” the appropriate behaviours with positive, reward-based techniques. 

We offer a personalised approach in the comfort of your own surroundings. During the initial 2 hour consultation, we will assess your dog and the way you and he live, work and play together to gain a thorough and detailed understanding of the issues you face.

From the information gathered, we will give you a clear plan of action to change your dog’s behaviour and create a well-mannered and easily handled pet. 3 practical training sessions will follow to put those training plans into practice. 

In order to continue to help you through this process, we include ongoing email and telephone support too.