The Reactive Dog Package

If you’re desperate to be able to enjoy walking with your dog in the company of other dogs but are unable to do so, then this package is for you.

There are times when dogs appear aggressive, anxious and unnerved in the company of other dogs. They may lunge, bark and pull either to get to other dogs or get away! Or they may be over-excited in their desire to approach other dogs and become frustrated by not being able to!

The situation may become so desperate that some owners need to hire an enclosed area or field to walk their dogs to give it solitary, but much needed, exercise.

During the initial consultation, we will assess your dog and the way you and he live, work and play together to gain a thorough and detailed understanding of the issues you face.

From the information gathered, we are able to prescribe a personal programme to address the pressing issues, with a clear plan of how to change your dog’s behaviour and their emotional responses. As with all our packages, we are also there to provide ongoing email and telephone support too.

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This is the ideal approach to resolving your dog’s undesirable reactions to other dogs and so making your life with your dog more pleasurable and anxiety-free.